Wednesday, April 23, 2014


Yup, I had a fire here today...a Bonfire!
But growlmy didn't give me any marshmallows or tube-steaks on a stick...

First though, Charlie from Down-Under wanted to see what my weeping cherry tree looks like. Well, it will not bloom for a while, a late spring here, but here is a picture from a few years ago, when it was quite lovely:

Weeping Cherry tree in full bloom, April 2010
Closer View

A Really Close View
Well, the Daffodils have begun to be so pretty and bright with their yellow blooms:

Daffodils - April 23, 2014
Daffodils - April 23, 2014
Single Bloom
Double Bloom
Having a sniff...
Freckles in the Flowers  - April 23, 2014

Well, after this picture session was over, growlmy put on her old clothes for garden chores, I always know what it means when I see her change, and then with a quick sniff of the garb,  I *know* those are the 'go out in the yard clothes', so I get all happy, cause I know I will have fun, too...I always do! Growlmy thinks its strange that though I have free access to the entire yard, woodsy area included, I don't go out there too much by myself, I seem to think its boring unless someone is there with me...unless of course I see a varmint there that needs my barks...

Anyways, she did some weeding, and then some raking. She raked some leaves and small branches into my already overloaded woodpile.
And set the whole thing alight. FIRE! Wow! Did it burn! And popped and sizzled and crackled and even a few whistles. I watched it intently because one time when she did a burn session, I snagged me a rabbit. Nothing doing this time...oh well, the whistling sounds must have been made by some walnuts exploding in their shells...
Growlmy stood by at a safe distance, and made sure that the bonfire didn't get out of control...she said it was calm enough and not too dry as there had been a bit of rain the other night.
By the time pawppy came home from work, all that was left was a pile of smouldering ashes, and a stinky growlmy, she smelled oh so smokey...

Remember me in the woodpile?
Hunting under the woodpile a few days was at least 10 feet tall, OMD!

Now all that is left are these ashes...and no place for varmints to hide...
Ashes instead of a woodpile...and one large unburned limb, BOL!
So now we need a storm or two to start a new woodpile, BOL! Growlmy thinks she'd rather not have any storms...

Well, that's all folks! Woofs!


  1. Dat tree are real pretty - so are your daffydils!

  2. Purdy tree bloomin! Does it smell good when it's bloomin? An yur yeller flowers are purdy too.
    So yur Mom has indoor clothes and go out to work in the back yard clothes? Makes me think of June Cleaver, wearin a nice dress an pearls to work inside. She does put on pants when she does yard work. Bol!

    1. Thank woof, Zoe.
      There is a faint good perfume when that tree blooms, but mostly only the bees like it, BOL!
      Na, the back yard can be an awfully messy job, not to mention sweat making, and fire stinkss as well as potential embers falling on ones hence the change of clothes to work back there. Growlmy just wears regular clothes other times, no skirts/dresses unless she is going to Church...and work(job) gets other clothes called a uniform...and i don't like it when I see that on her, cause it means she is leaving me for a while...
      Pearls?? She wishes...

  3. That tree is absolutely gorgeous. Mom has not seen on before. Thanks for sharing those pictures. Your daffodils are also wonderful. My mom should really plant some of those! As soon as my mom puts on her rubber boots I know we are doing yard work and I lubs to help her just like you like to help growlmy!

    1. Thanks, Buddy!
      Growlmy has those muck boots too...She used to hve a pair from the noted Canadian Tire, BOL! Those were called 'duck shoes', BOL! Furry hard to come by in these parts, as if we didn't have muddy pawlaces here...
      Right now she wears 'sloggers', in a shoe or a boot, depending on the job at hand...

  4. It always amazes me to hear about pals who have bonfires in their backyards! Where I live, you'd be thrown in jail fur that! We're not allowed fireplaces, or wood-burning stoves, or anything. Some places, on some days, you can't even have a BBQ!

    You have some bootifur flowers and blossoms there!!

    1. Yup, some parts around here have bylaws like that, mostly in larger towns/cities. Or entire counties if there s a fire risk, like during a drought.
      No BBQ's would be bumby-bumby though...

  5. dood...that iz prette rood oh yur mom knot ta even OFFER a stik for roastin....ya coulda had a marsh mellowz on it, a hot dawg...noe o fence two ewe...a nice hunk oh filet oh fish, big old spud.....may bee ewe can unplug her stove....


    1. I wood has loved awl dem yummy has a gas stove here...gotta find me a plum ber dood ta dis mantle dat...

    2. Crikey those ToTT are funny bokes, aye??

  6. Fair dinkum Mr JF Sir .... Mum's fair drooling over that tree AND those daffodils. Can't grow anything like that at our place. Just stinky old palms and stuff. Mum's planted a whole heap of gardenias. She just LOVES 'em but, crikey, they struggle up our way. She's working on them all the time. She even waters them with water from the fridge. She planted one for our Harri and she went out one morning and there was not ONE leaf left on it. It looked alright the day before and overnight a big, fat, juicy, grub got it. She killed that bloke real good. It only took a week for the leaves to come back. It flowers but not heaps of flowers.
    Where we are staying in Leura in the mountains there are four seasons with trees and flowers like you have. That's why Mum and Dad like staying here. They try and get here in Spring and Autumn just to see the gardens. That tree at your place though ...... WOW!! Very spectacular. Don't forget to take a picture THIS year, aye??
    We would definitely end up in gaol if we lit a fire outside at our house!!
    C'mon Growlmy ..... how about a picture of you all dressed up like June Cleaver? C'mon ..... we all know you dress up like that all the time. My Mum does. Hahahahahahahahahah!!!!! She doesn't even own a dress. She wears slacks to church!!

    1. Growlmy wears slacks a lot Church, and sometimes a skirt or maybe even a dress. Growlmy really has a lot more slacks and jeans than anything else.
      Gardenias! Those would be pawsome here...wrong climate, though. Grandpeeps had some spectacular blooms when the lived in the West Indies for a time...way back before growlmy was *invented*...they went there befur they went to Canada. Not much seasonal change happens there either.

      Growlmy checked that tree today, all the buds are still tighter than tight. No leaves even.

  7. JF-that is a beautiful flowering tree.... Sounds like you had a real big day in the yard. I don't go out in the yard unless Gma or Gpa are with me....No fun! No flowers here yet! But the tulips are about 6-8" high. Some nice temps. between 68-72 this week. 2 days with middle 50's and very high winds....Makes the window vibrate.....Today is the 2nd. nasty day...Our flag has been shredded by the harsh winds. We have a brand new 1 to put up...
    Have a pawtastic weekend. Kisses,mazy

    Due to the cold wind,I had to wear a sweater outside today.....crazy weather.....

    1. Hi, Mazy!
      Thanks fur stopping by!

      It was about 50 degrees here today, but not too windy. Sunny, too.
      The dandelions are already blooming in sheltered spots, yikes. Maybe we should start growing weeds as they seem to flourish so much better than anything else!