Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday Woofs!!

Happy Birthday to Freckles! April 30, 2014 

OMD!! Its my birthday!
I have gone around the sun 12 times!
I am 12 years young!

And now I sure am hoping to make that same journey lots more times!

I was worried the other day that Dogster was going to be problematic and not be there anymore, but the fleas were evicted and now things are well. Hooray!!
Can I have my treat now?

Today growlmy stayed home with me most of the day, so that was fun…she didn’t do yard work, so I didn’t dig, BOL!
But then she came downstairs with a big bag of stuff…Oh-oh! Birthday stuff.
She messed around in there and came up with several items…and then she got out that camera of hers…Oh-oh! I know what that meant…

You got it pals…picture session time.
Oh well, I always score me some treats, so thats OK.
At least until the blinds fell down, almost on top of me, Yikes!
She needed to pull them closed to deal with lighting issues, and when she started to do that, down they came! And up I got!

So eventually when she fixed the problem it was back to picture taking.

Hey, growlmy, did you forget something?
No, I can't put that balloon hanging back up until the nail goes back in there...

But, but...growlmy.
Its my birthday, but I don’t smell any cake baking?
Anticipating some yummy cake...

Well, she said maybe later when she has to go to the store…I sure do hope so!

I think a kitty is coming!
Yup, Minko is photobombing me!

Minko, you are silly, Its MY birthday!

Bye-bye Minko! See his tail?

Minko tried to photobomb my pictures, but then the tables got turned and he got some pictures taken of him! BOL!
Minko is being a pest...
And in that picture you can see that naughty blind that fell off its brackets...

And the balloon hanging that couldn't be put back up...
Minko thinks the birthday stuff makes fun toys!

Silly Minko

Meowmy, Can I have a birthday too?

If I eat this, then no one will have to wear it anymore...

Later this week, growlmy and pawppy have to leave me fur the whole long day…unfurbro is graduating, from college, and there are no pups allowed over there…
Maybe later on I can show you pictures taken of that event, sans me of course.

Happy Birthday!!


  1. WOOT! Have a Super Duper bestest birthday efur!
    (Insert Happy Birthday graphic here) bol

    Great piccies. Sure nuf, yu and the kitties needta tear up that birthday junk. Jus bring on the treats!

    Congrats to yur skinbro on his gradumation! Whut's he wanna be now that he's all growed up?

    1. Thanks, Zoe!
      Growlmy took that stuff away when Minko came by he is a worse ripper upper than me, BOL!
      Unfurbro is graduating from the same school as Boss Boy, he is going to go to grad school and will study structural engineering. Too Heavy fur me, BOL!!

  2. Habby, Habby Birfday, Fweckles! I hope yur day r wunnerful an' filled wif all yur bestest fings, wike snuggles an' walks an' tweats an' salad (BOL!!!) an' mabbe sum MEATZ, tu! Hab a gwate day, my fwiend <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks, Zaidie! I am having a fine least it is not raining...

      Got some super treats already, but no cake...hmmmmm...Growlmy??

  3. An' HOOGE congwatumatayshuns tu Unfur Bwo on hims gwadumatayshun fwum cowwege! Go BLUE!!!

  4. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Freckles
    Happy birthday to you
    .... Hope your day was pawsome Freckles. We lubs the pictures, but I would be eating all of those hats and things.
    Congrats to your unfur bro on his upcoming graduation! Now he can buy you lots of treats!

    1. Thanks, Buddy!
      I am more interested in the treats used for bribery, than the props, BOL!

      Unfurbro says thank you, too.

      Hmmm, he won't be buying me too many treats cause now he will be going to grad school...
      I shall have to beg those from Boss Boy, he has a full time job!

    2. Oh my dogness now grad school! That is pawsome for him, but that also means he will be a starving student for a while longer. Mom used to work in a university and understands these grad student people. Then he will do a post doc and become a fellow someplace. Hide your treats from him, BOL. He might be hungry enough to want them.

    3. No kidding, buddy! He already eats like a starved dude!

  5. Happy Birthday Freckles! Did you get your cake? Hope you have a Pawtastic day.

    1. Thanks, Milton.
      Got me no cake, but I did get some pawsome treats, not the usual ones.So thats fine by me. I is allergic ti lots of things that would go in a cake. That is one issue that has caught up with me in my elder years: allergies.

  6. Happy, Happy Birthday, Freckles!! Hope your day is terrierific!!!!!!!

    1. Thanks, Finley!
      I even got to bark at a groundhog! How on earth did that naughty varmint get in MY yard??
      Grwolmy & I shall have to do a patrol to find the entrance spot...and then you know what will happen next...

  7. DOOD !!! seer ee iz lee ewe due knot look 12 !!! a most happee birthday two ewe..heerz ta another 87 !!! best biscuits & happee day wishes ♫♫♫♪♪♪♫ hope yur day iz fun filled N yur lookin at plates filled with steaks, beef, burgerz, cakes, pie, ham samiches, sghetti, mor pie, sum butter, pork chops, toona & fllounder...why knot huh and yur mom & dad getz ewe a mega pup houz thatz bout 3784 square feetz big N even if we due knot noe math thatz prettee big !!! ENJOY ...n meowloz pipo & minko ♥♥♥♥♥

    1. Hi, Tabbies!
      Wow, that would truly be a haul! OMD!
      Getting 87 more barkdays would be a record, OMD!! BOL!
      I gotta go and see whats in the pantry and fridge now...

      And WBS say MIAOW to you all , too!

  8. Stopped by to wish you a very Happy Happy Barkday Mr. Jack Freckles, From Toby Jo, Cory Jo, JoJo, and Sarge. We love your barkday pictures!

  9. Arooo!! Happy Barkday to you!!! Happy Barkday Mr Jack Freckles!! Happy Barkday to youuuuuu!!!!

    OMD, me and mom love your barkday photos!! Minko, silly kitty, BOL!

    1. Hi, Lacey!
      Minko is evfur so silly indeed!

  10. Crikey Mr JF Sir ..... You let Growlmy do that to you????? What was she thinking? You did look pretty cute though and I would have done it for treats too. Funny how they give us treats when that camera things comes out, aye? Hope you had a great day!! Sounds AND looks like you did. Minko was having fun too, aye?
    Big congratulations to unfurbro for his graduation from down here in Aussie land. Well done unfurbro!!

    1. Hi, Charlie!
      I always work hard fur my bribes, BOL!

      I shall woof loudly so that unfurbro can hear your congrats barks...he is 90 miles from here...but lots closer than you are from me, BOL!

  11. BOL! OMD you look so CUTE!!! Happy birthday!

    1. Thanks Fizzy!
      Growlmy says for a 12 year old senior pup, my batteries are still well charged, they just need charging up a bit more often, BOL!