Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Birthday Barks & Happenings

Picture from Austin & Doo  -  Thank You!
Picture from Cooper and his helpers  -  Thanks so much!
Picture from The Kirk Furs  & Momma Shawna  Thanks!
I got some special and yummy treats
Then we went outside to check on things.    

We have lots of Mayapples!

Closeup of Mayapples

 Then we checked our burn pile and only the leftovers of a huge limb is there.
Remains of burn pile...its a soggy wet mess now due to all of the rain we have had.
 Then I said hello through the fence to Daisy. She didn't know it was a spaecial day fur me or she might have let growlmy make a nicer picture, BOL!
Daisy - My furend from next door.

My den built in 1907
 See that bent drainpipe? The heavy snow did that...And growlmy is glad that pool is on the other side of our fence, its the neighbor's...Close to the pool you can see that our weeping cherry tree is starting to get some color in its branches...but its a long way from blooming.
Bleeding hearts are coming along!
 These bleeding hearts are so pretty when they bloom, but its not fur long, after it gets hot they fade away...
You can see buds on these Bleeding Hearts!
 Then we found the wild violas in bloom.
 They are always so pretty and dainty!

 Then I went back to treat munching...

Me on yard guard duty    4-30-2014        

And that was my birthday/barkday! I did not get a cake, because I am allergic to most things that would go into a cake, so I didn't mind too much, cause I got all those extra yummy special treats. Not my usual fare fur sure. (Since I have gotten older I have become allergic to some foods, mostly wheat...makes me lick/chew my feet till they get raw, ouch! Growlmy says eliminating wheat is pretty easy, and there are lots of foods treats that are still suitable.)


  1. Looks like a pretty good birfday Freckles! You is one handsome 12 year old pup! ***swoon***

    1. Thanks Whitley!
      You are quite the eye candy yourself!

  2. Those treats sure look yummy, Freckles! Wheat is one of da few things I'm not allergic to-- taters, eggs, alfalfa, and corn.. all no nos fur me.

    We get some of those lil violas here, too...

    Twelve looks mighty good on you!

    1. Hi, Finley!

      I sure am glad I am not 'lergical to all those other things, though I do think growlmy avoids corn fur me...

  3. Glad yur birthday turned out good.
    Purdy flowers. We got sum Bleedin hearts comin up too. An we like yur lil ol' house. It's got person al it tee.
    But Freckles, could yu stop bein so durn cute? Mommy an Daddy been watchin "Frasier" on the Netflix. Cute Eddie. Then there was a litter of Jack Russells. Ofur the top with the cuteness.
    Mommy efen looked up JRs on Petfinder. Found a JR rescue. She wuz readin the scoop on whut yu pups are like. Quite the handful, heh?

    1. Hi, Zoe.
      I can't help my cutes, BOL!
      Yup, like a 2 year old with ADD, growlmy would not want to deal with the likes of me if she was working like now she was a stay at home Mom when I arrived. Now she works at a nursing home.
      The peeps of us kind of pups need to think like us and be 5 or 10 steps ahead in the what are they gonna do next department, BOL!
      And they need to keep us busy, or we will find our own things to do...
      And keep us tired out, we will nap and not have energy to make troubles. OMD!

    2. All of that is xactly whut Mommy wuz readin on the rescue site.
      "A good JR is a tired JR."

    3. You know it, Zoe! Lots of us end up in rescue, cause the peeps didn't understand that, and they bit off more than they could chew. Growlmy has heard...there are no bad pups, only bad/unlearned peeps...that own those pups.