Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time To Get Out The Sooper-Dooper-Pooper-Scooper

Time to get out the heavy duty pooper scooper.

But first, I am going to show you some pictures...

This is looking  towards the road from our back steps, taken on March 8th.
Pawppy had just finished clearing the path to make the sidewalk neat. That fence is 5 feet high, and you can see that the snow mountains are taller than the fence. Note there are no pawtracks out there in the side yard, I couldn't get to it.
Some other pictures from the same day:
Our den and cars...try pulling out of the driveway when you can't see over the mountains.

Thes are my resident squirrels, finally able to woof at them!

Some views of my yard...note that there are only a few tracks where I *did* try to chase  a real squirrel out of there...
And then we had another dump of that heavy wet snow on March 12th.

The sidewalks have disappeared and so have my squirrels, OMD!

I am feeling lots better, I finished my medicines, and am eating normally again. And my barker is working just fine. Sheesh, when it was quiet, growlmy worried about that, now she wishes it would be quiet…it is hard to please our peeps sometimes, BOL!
I didn’t have the poopy troubles for more than a day, because right away I got to take lots of human grade probiotics, plus some pumpkin. I will keep using those probiotics, they are good fur us pups as well as peeps…to keep the poops good, BOL!

After all the snow we had last week, there has not been anymore. We have had a fair bit of rain and days of sunshine and temps above freezing. So lots of the snow piles are shrinking in height…and OMD, I can see grass here and there. It is still hard to run around in the yard, because what snow cover is left is furry soft and I sink into it. Only time lately I *can* get on it, is early in the morning if the frost has been on it.

And with the melting snows…come other types of piles…um…well, any dog peep will know what I mean, BOL! The other day, growlmy filled up eight bagfuls…wowee!
That was just from the edges of the yard…now when the snows are all gone…YIKES!  I think there may be way more than eight bags full…now growlmy is humming something silly…baa-baa-black sheep…have you any (doo)? Yes sir, yes sir, many bags full!

Growlmy had a time of not being able to bark either…something she referred to as Larry N Gitus. All she said was croak and squeak…not sure which critter she wanted to be; a frog or a mousie! Well she is over that rough part though she still sounds diffurent than usual…

Well, spring is supposed to be sprung out of hiding according to the calendar, I sure hope so!

Here are some pics of me when I was just back from the doggy tooth stealing pawlace:

Pipo came by to sniff me from a safe distance, but he didn't hiss me or smacky paw me for once...
Minko didn't dare get close, he seemed to think I smelled unusual...whatevfur!
At least now he is normal.and Pipo is back to his hissy ways. All's well that ends well.

Now I am waiting fur my tree that is all snowy in that picture to prove to me it is Spring. This is how it looked a couple of years ago: (It is a Weeping Cherry Tree, beside where pawppy is shoveling the sidewalk.)

Night-night to all and to all a good night! Woofs!



  1. Glad you is feelin better Freckles! Hope spring comes soon - y'all got tons of snow! And hope your momma feels all better too.

  2. Furrific photos, Freckles! BOL, I made an alliteration! I'm glad your mouf is better and your barker is working! {{hugs}} fur your mommy!

  3. Wow!! Dat's a lotta snow!! Sure hope dat it all melts and Spring is there soon... so glad that you and your Momma are both feelin' better....

  4. It sure was way too much snow! OMD!
    Thanks fur stopping by!

  5. Crikey Mr. JF Sir ... And you think my pictures are beautiful! How do you live in that stuff? No prawns on the barbie for you for a while, aye? And your clothes line ... Too funny! That cherry tree is spectacular. Sooooooo beautiful! Glad you and Growlmy are feeling better ...

    1. Hi, Charlie!
      We get snow evfurry winter, so we are kind of used to dealing with it, only this year many records were broken...
      If there are clothes on the line it turns round and round...mostly growlmy uses her in-the-house drying machine. BOL! I use the bottom of the clothesline pole to send out messages...
      Its offurcially Spring today.. but go figure, we had some snow last night...mostly melted now, though.

  6. Could it be that spring is Finally peekin 'round the corner at yur place? Let's hope so.
    Great piccies! Thanks fur keepin us in the loop on things in yur lil corner o' the world.

    1. Hi, Zoe! We can only hope that since the calendar says it is spring, then it must be, BOL! But we had a bit of wet snow last night fur good measure!

  7. Wonderful pictures! The snow is slowly melting here as well. Mom is telling me that I am a high producing doggie! Glad you are and growlmy are feeling so much better. Did I by chance spot a Canada flag license plate in one of those pictures?

    1. Hi, Buddy! Thanks!

      High, BOL!

      You *did* see a Canadian flag on growlmy's van...she is a Canadian Citizen, born and raised in Southern Ontario, lived in Nova Scotia for a short while...and came to the USA when she & Pawppy got married in 1987.
      She has a so called *green card* which by the way are not green at all, though you have to fork over a lot of green to get it.

      Now I am waiting for the white of winter to change over to the green of Spring.

  8. dood....just think if ya wented inn side ina box like pipo N minko due yur mom wood knot HAZ 8 bagz full.....her wood haz 17.5 !!! peace out N poop on~~


    1. You To'TTs make growlmy giggle and giggle!
      Just imagine...