Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Droopy, Loopy, Poopy Toothie Tail

I am a loopy, droopy poopy…well, a pup but poopy none the less…
I had to go to the vet pawlace this morning.That was quite a feat in itself. There was over nine inches of new heavy wet snow to clear away, and then the icy roads to boot. It took growmly forever to get there, she crawled along and took the long way because those roads are better maintained. There had not yet been a plow to clear the roads…
And no one told me why I couldn’t eat any breakfast this morning, I felt so cheated.
No breakfast, a ride in the car and cold weather…and then to get to that vet pawlace…those peeps tried to see my toothies, and I didn’t want to let them BOL! So growlmy opened my mouth and they got to see my broken tooth from a distance…oh MY they said.
Well, then I got to go with them to another room…

Much later I was feeling rather loopy, and now why did my whole mouth hurt when only one toothie was broke?
And then I got to see growlmy. My tail was at half mast, and only a tad of a wag. Droopy.
And I was walking so drunkedly…still loopy!
Oops! They had to take me back, because there was doo-doo on my paw…poopy, remember?

Growlmy emptied her pockets for the lady at the desk and after the ransom was paid, I was allowed to leave with her…but first I had to leave my opinion on the snow banks there…a p-mail…and then another poopy…yup, still poopy.

I got lifted into the van and we drove home…the roads were a lot better, because the plow had done some work.
At home, pawppy was outside with his shovel…still clearing away the huge dump. Growlmy had been assisting, and between them they likely shoveled for about 8 hours. OMD…
And so I did a welcome back p-mail on the newly extended heightened snow mountain base and yup…another poopy!

Then I sat and watched the snow cleaning operations. And trembled and shook, and went to snoopervise and decided to go back inside and on and on like that. When growlmy came inside, she had to pick me up and put me in my nest…I was still so furry loopy.

After a while she tried to help me eat…nah…not now growlmy…but later I licked a wee bit. And she gave me a pain medicine…which helped to make me more loopy. And an antibiotic, which naturally will help to make sure I still will be poopy. Right now I am feeling droopy, not kitty watching, nor did I go and beg fur salad items as I like to to at dinner time.
I have not barked at all since coming back! Wow! Growlmy actually wishes I would though.

The vet lady said she took out the offending tooth, and found a few more that had some degree of breakage on them, OMD! I must have been gnawing on rocks! Well, no, I do not do that as far as growlmy knows. Who knows? Its my secret…
Vet peeps also polished all my teeth…so now I am all sparkly, even though I feel loopy and droopy…

They also said my creatine level was elevated, (BUN was normal), so I need to go back there for a recheck in a couple of weeks…sheesh in September all was just fine with that.
I guess I will need to watch what I am eating to prevent a fast progression of this kidney trouble, They say its because I am an old man pup now…

Well, I need to do some sleeping off of these drugs...


  1. Dat do not sounds like a good day Freckles. Hope your mouth are feelin better soon - our Jezzy had to have some toofies pulled and once she got them out she felt better. Sending POTP and big hugs!

  2. Sending gentle hugs and hoping you feel better soon...

  3. Crikey Mr JF Sir ... That was one very poopy day you had ... I sure hope you're back to barking and eating again real soon. Take it real easy for a few days, aye? Mum sends hugs, pats and head kisses. Sorry, mate but she made me tell you that. She's worried about you. Get well real quick, aye?

  4. I sure hope yu are feelin Much better today an yu can get back to yur security werk!

  5. We are so relieved that nasty toofer is out and now you can rest up and we hope you feel better soon. I think you need lots of soft foods and extra treats for being such a good boy. We are sending you hugs and many get well wishes.

  6. dood....sorree bout de hole trip two de ewe noe wear place...hope de ewe noe who purrson gived ewe yur teethz bak...ya wanna stix it under a pillow & in de will haz terned it self ta loose cash !!!! kewl huh....N stop chewin on rocks oh kay !!