Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its Topsy-Turvey, I say!

Hmmm….. Is the calendar correct? It is March 4, and Spring is March 21. What? That seems rather topsy-turvey to me. We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground (or more maybe…), snow walls around 5 feet high along the walks, and snow mountains about 7 feet high at the end of our driveway. Walks as I know them haven’t happened in like forever because of all the sidewalks being covered, and walking along the side of the highway is just too dangerous when there is no way to get out of the way…usually on the highway sidewalk less part of my stroll through our village, I can walk in the grassy area of the shoulder, but there is no way to do anything like that now…And the back lane where there is hardly any traffic at all, is too icy…sigh…and I can’t even run in my own yard since the snow is so deep I fall into it. Even though growlmy has cleared my some pathways off from the sidewalk, when I walk on the snow there, I loose my footing and sink in…though one day those rascally squirrel dudes taunted me so much I did try to…but those naughty varmints just laughed at me and got away up into their tree and in my wood pile, GRRR!

We were told by the weatherman dude that more snow was possible today, but hooray it didn’t happen!
Something else that didn’t happen was…Dogster did not die yesterday! OMD! Lovely it is, to be able to be there and woof as usual with my furends…and blogging is fun too…but now growlmy says she has even more to do, BOL!

Unfurbro is home this week, and he is on spring break, BOL! Spring indeed…He is a senior at college, and is job seeking…in structural engineering, OMD!
He also got accepted into Grad School at his college, (University of Michigan), congrats to him!
But Boss-boy didn’t come with him cause he no longer goes to school, and he is working. I do get to see him a couple of times a month when he comes for dinner…weather permitting…sheesh we had to all stay put around here several times this long cold winter!

Now March is green month, but of course right now its still Christmas on my Dogster page, BOL! I would go to a blank Dogster page, but then all the other stuff in my biofields would go poof, so I will just enjoy the Christmas!

Today  is Mardi Gras, and mostly we do not do much fur that...but growlmy did make pancakes...YUM! Did I get any...nope:(
Too much butter in the batter she said...and I got no bacon either...sigh...
I did get me some crunchies from the salad fixings, well I love those and at least I always get some in my dish.

Growlmy gave me a strawberry, too, but I gave it a taste and spat it out, BOL!

And Pipo was in a bad mood, he smacky pawed me so much...good grief, its a good thing I do not give him a chomp or two...GRRR!

Well, I need to go and do some barking at the snowmobiles out there, in my field across the street…and then its nighty-night fur all of us here.


  1. No bacon or pancakes? Ya needs to work on your beggin skills Freckles.

    Hope Spring shows up for ya soon.

  2. An' comin up this weekend is that crazy daylight savins time. Whut is that 'bout? I think we lose an hour of sleep time! But on the uther paw, it's an extra hour fur barkin!
    Sure hope yu snow starts meltin. I bet yu got the cabin fever sumfin fierce!

    1. Growlmy hates the spring forward thing, and she always finds its when she is working so she get really gypped of her shuteye...

  3. No bacon or pancakes? Why are they starving you poor boy! Hope you gets some good noms soon and also wishing an early spring to come your way.

    1. Well, I did get somethings, only none of those yums, something about too much fat and wheat...

  4. Crikey Mr. JF Sir ... dogster didn't die yesterday but it's dead as a do-do today. I got on this morning but there's no way I can get back on now. Keep saying something about a gateway error. Hmmmmmmmph! Somethings happening over there. It was VERY slow this morning too.
    Fair dinkum ... I've no idea how you put up with that smacky paw thing. What's Pipo's trouble?????? You must be a saint to put up with all those hissing, smacky paw critters. They scare the living daylights out of me.

    1. He thinks he is protecting Minko, BOL!

      You would like Minko, he gives head bonks, a form of affection.

  5. Hope ya gets some warmer weather soon, Freckles... I is ovfur Winter, and wants Spring, Spring, Spring!!