Friday, March 7, 2014

I Am In Trouble :(

Usually I have fun things to bark about...

Well, now this time its about a trouble…

I get my teeth brushed evfurry night befur I go to my nest. I am almost 12, and have not evfur needed my teeth cleaned at the vet joint. Hooray!
The vet always says she can tell my teeth are cleaned at home, and they look good.

Well, now the other night, growlmy noticed I was flinching when she brushed on the one side. I nevfur do that. Then she saw blood on the brush.What? OMD.
That was strange indeed. Growlmy stopped and let me go, she thought maybe she had been ovfurly vigorous. The next evening, same thing…So she took a good look in my mouth…and OMD, there was a tooth that appeared to be cracked. How on earth did I do that?
Well at least the mystery was solved. And this morning she found that loose piece on the floor…and then I heard her talking on her communication device…and making an appointment with the vet lady…YIKES!

Growlmy thinks that tooth will have to come out, it is shattered, painful to touch, and an open invitation fur infection…and other awful things…

Could you all keep me in your thoughts, on March 12th…

I will let you know what happens in an update after that. Meanwhile I don’t seem to have trouble eating or woofing…like at the furnace man who had to pay us a maintenance visit…and I still am going outside to see if I can convince Miss Daisy to come and play…but she declined today. Oh well, at least it was nice and sunny again…three days in a row, we are breaking records here, BOL!



  1. Yep, sounds like a toofer pullin to me. Good luck and sending some POTP.

  2. Crikey Mr JF Sir ... This doesn't sound like Fun! And you've been such a good, getting your teeth brushed EVERY day. AND so brave ... That tooth must be awful sore and no complaining from you! I'll be thinking of you on the 12 th. Take care in the mean time, aye. Glad the suns out ... At least that's one good thing.

  3. A doggy crown! That's whut yu need!
    We sure will be sendin the good thoughts yur way, now and 'specially on the 12th.
    Ohhh, I bet yu won't get no fuds on that day!

  4. Yup, sounds like that toofer will need to come out. Sending you much POTP and keeping you in our thoughts. You will be just fine!

  5. Oh dear. We will definitely be thinking of you MrJack! POP and hope you get to see the vet dentist soon!