Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frolicking In My Yard

Yup, I did…snow cover didn’t stop me either…
Well, I was barking my head off, and so growlmy said…go outside and bark there.
And Miss Daisy was there! OMD…Little pup that she is, she doesn’t fall into the deep snows like I do…and she walked over here, presumably to sniff my yard along the fence…but because she was higher than the barricade at the gate…she squeezed right through it! And so I saw her, making tracks all over what was still my pristine yard.
Well, now!

Off I ran as fast as I could in that deep snow, and what a funny looking set of tracks I left.
II had to play/ romp/ frolick with her. We played chase me all around the yard, and catch me if you can, and of course there was a barkfest going on too.

It was fun, but then I had to come inside to rest my old doggy bones fur a while. She didn’t come back…and growlmy hopes she doesn’t make a habit of this…

You know what?!?
We have had two days in a row of sunshine! OMD! And today it was about 30F. Balmy by comparison the other arctic temps we had a while back.

Well, that’s about if fur now.
Growlmy had to go to work, and she said it was a really insane time there of insufficient staff, due to abrupt quitting of some…and illness of others…and new admissions. PHEW! She is glad she is off tomorrow again. Maybe things will be calmer over the weekend.
She also got to say goodbye to a resident who finished enough rehab to go home! She was bedridden and now can do some walking…hooray!

Well, nighty-night to all and to all good woofs!


  1. Hope it keeps gettin warmer for ya - it's easier to frolic without da snow.

  2. Yep, hope dat Spring heads your way soon so's you can get back to bein' outside and enjoyin' da outdoors...

  3. Sounds like yu are shakin (barkin) off that cabin fever yu all probly had.

    Hope yu get plenty more sunshine and warm(er) temps.

  4. Sure hope it keeps getting warmer for everyone! We are having a gentle warm up. With all the snow, I would rather have a gentle warm up to a flash thaw and then flooding.

  5. Crikey .... you call 30F balmy!! Fair dinkum .... you blokes have NO IDEA what balmy is ... 30F Balmy????? CRIKEY that's insane ....... good to hear about Growlmy's work resident who was well enough to go home and get to walk around after being bedridden. That's so nice to hear!!!!!!!!! That's mighty hard work that Growlmy does, aye???