Saturday, March 29, 2014

BlueNoser Pictures & Some Other Stuff...

Ok, Folks!
Growlmy took a couple pics of my schnooter, this morning when the lighting was better, and no flash was needed.
Blue for you, BOL!
But...some of the blueness had worn off already.
Right in the center is where you can see some leftover blue tinge
This is still a miss stir eee...the only thing growlmy can surmise is that in sniffing in the wood pile, I rubbed my schnooter along some weeds that still could give off the color they stain skin with when cut or poke weed.

We were finally able to walk about in most of our yard today, and OMD, the branches that are down along with limbs, made growlmy feel blue with the thought of all the extra hours of work needed to get it all cleaned up. And...she found lots of mall trees and shrubs with the bottom bark stripped off, chewed...probably by rabbits, they get in when I don't patrol, and fur sure I wasn't able to get back there...and worse yet the red squirrels have taken over a large snag and there seems to be a thriving furmily there...GRRRRR!
And somefur has dug itself a tunnel under our shed, yikes! I will be busy this spring and they better know that I do not give notice nor serve eviction notices...I just get to work!

Of course growlmy also got several more bagfuls of doo-doo...but she didn't have the bags with her when she found a large collection of bunny drops...hey, they are great for snacks, good thing she didn't have her bag...

Several days ago before the snow started to melt, growlmy saw a pair of Sandhill Cranes !
Sheesh, what on earth were they thinking to migrate back  here when there was still no grass to walk on, let alone finding things to eat?
Anyways they are huge beautiful birds, but a bit shy, growlmy took some pictures through an open window with her zoom on as much as she could get it ...they turned out pretty well, considering. They were in the field across the street!
A Pair of SandHill Cranes
That one has his foot in the snow...
They Are Doing a Kind of Mating Dance, Here.
These birds like to strut and they screech at the same time...a mating ritual. They fly in a formation and do aerial dances too! Beautiful!
Cold Cranes with Frozen Feet...

OMD! They look so cold...

Sometimes I see these birds with their (big) chicks, they are graceful and they have one or two chicks at a time. The pairs mate for life.

Growlmy thought that with the receding snow levels that Daisy from next door wouldn't be able to get in our yard anymore...wrong...
So she boarded up the access point, and now I can only have 'through the fence' playtime...
I got to have a good bark at their kitty today...WOOFS!


  1. Be careful out there. That tunnel unner yur shed? Hope that's not a PU skunk!
    At least the blueness is wearin off, maybe yu won't have to get dunked to wash it off.

    We gots sandhill cranes 'round here too. Those are sum good piccies yu posted!

    1. Growlmy thought maybe a gopher. Or those red squirrels trying to keep house in the shelter of the shed, BOL!
      Once growlmy picked up an old pail...and a whole nest of meeses jumped out...OMD!
      Only rarely see skunks, though we do smell their aroma quite often!

  2. I like the blue, very becoming on you! A tunnel under the shed, hmm, could be a weasel. It really depends on how big the hole is. We once had a skunk move in under the front step of the house! Yikes, what a smell! We do not have sandhill cranes around here, or at least we have never seen them if we do. Thanks for sharing the picture!

    1. Good thing its I can better root for the Wolverines to win in the Elite Eight...Go Blue!

      A weasel! OMD! Those are scary dudes!

  3. I are so curious bout what made your schnooter blue!

    And it do sound like you are gonna be busy dis spring - I's been busy chasin dem skwerrils round here!

    1. Those squirrels drive me crazy...and I sure do want to chase them!