Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Smiles Along With You!

Blue Smiles Along With YOU!

Some of you might remember this slogan for some good Canadian beer…
But tonight I greeted growlmy  with a big blue smile…OMD!

She went to work as usual, and later pawppy came home…and then much later growlmy got back. I was all barky at something in the backyard , sheesh, its been a long time since I was able to do that, the snow piles are finally receded enough, and lo and behold the grass is showing again!
Of course you all know from my last entry what that means…BOL!
Anyways, my schnooter is BLUE!
And the pawrents have no idea why!
Nothing amiss inside the den, and of course its too dark to inspect the great outdoors…and I am not going to reveal any good secrets…teehee.

I wonder how long it will be fur this mystery to be solved?

And, no I didn’t drink any beer, blue or otherwise...

Growlmy wasn't able to get any pics of my nicely blue colored schnooter...


  1. Bol! It's a miss tur ee fur sure.

    Keep 'em guessin!

  2. I think blue would look very good on you!


  3. Growlmy walked the perimeter of our yard, and found nothing blue, other than loads of downed trees and limbs, still buried in snow, that makes her blue, just thinking of all the cleanup work...sigh...

    Maybe I was digging around the pokeweed plants to search out a critter smell, and the pokeweed painted my schnooter!

    Pokeweed, the bane of growlmy and others; it is toxic, and prolific, UGH.

  4. Did yu find a pen or marker or maybe yu were channelin yur inner Picaso and got into sum paint?
    Does pokeweed make yu blue?
    Does the blue wash off easy or is it more perm ee nant?

  5. Yeah Mr. JF Sir .... I'm with Zoe ... has it gone yet???? OR are you stuck with a blue schnooter for life? How funny is Zoe? Inner Picasso .... REALLY Zoe? Too funny!!

    1. Still blue...see my next posting.
      But it has worn off a bit, likely because I was sticking my schnooter into all kinds of stuff in the back of our yard...i can finally get back there again.