Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hail To The Victors! (I Hope)

I am rooting for the Wolverines in the Elite Eight..Go Blue! (This is a pic of me from my younger years...)

Today, in a few hours the Wolverines from the University of Michigan will be playing in the part of March Madness, known as the Elite Eight. A win will get them into the Final Four, a win there will get them to the game for the NCAA Championship! GO BLUE!

If a win for the Wolverines happens tonight, I am going to dogabrate, I can taste the victory already, BOL!
The Anticipation of Yummy Treats is Great!
Well, I gotta go and do some thinking about how to cheer fur my team...
Can You Tell I Am A Wolverine Fan? I had to get out my  Go Blue gear, because my schnooter is no longer blue...BOL!
Woofs later pups! The other Michigan team is playing right now...

I feel blue...cause my team lost...sigh...oh well, now I can cheer on the Tigers!

 additional note at 820pm: more Michigan teams in the running...sigh..sniff...well, as pawppy says now we can get to other stuff, like baseball...hey! Go Tigers!! BOL!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

BlueNoser Pictures & Some Other Stuff...

Ok, Folks!
Growlmy took a couple pics of my schnooter, this morning when the lighting was better, and no flash was needed.
Blue for you, BOL!
But...some of the blueness had worn off already.
Right in the center is where you can see some leftover blue tinge
This is still a miss stir eee...the only thing growlmy can surmise is that in sniffing in the wood pile, I rubbed my schnooter along some weeds that still could give off the color they stain skin with when cut or poke weed.

We were finally able to walk about in most of our yard today, and OMD, the branches that are down along with limbs, made growlmy feel blue with the thought of all the extra hours of work needed to get it all cleaned up. And...she found lots of mall trees and shrubs with the bottom bark stripped off, chewed...probably by rabbits, they get in when I don't patrol, and fur sure I wasn't able to get back there...and worse yet the red squirrels have taken over a large snag and there seems to be a thriving furmily there...GRRRRR!
And somefur has dug itself a tunnel under our shed, yikes! I will be busy this spring and they better know that I do not give notice nor serve eviction notices...I just get to work!

Of course growlmy also got several more bagfuls of doo-doo...but she didn't have the bags with her when she found a large collection of bunny drops...hey, they are great for snacks, good thing she didn't have her bag...

Several days ago before the snow started to melt, growlmy saw a pair of Sandhill Cranes !
Sheesh, what on earth were they thinking to migrate back  here when there was still no grass to walk on, let alone finding things to eat?
Anyways they are huge beautiful birds, but a bit shy, growlmy took some pictures through an open window with her zoom on as much as she could get it ...they turned out pretty well, considering. They were in the field across the street!
A Pair of SandHill Cranes
That one has his foot in the snow...
They Are Doing a Kind of Mating Dance, Here.
These birds like to strut and they screech at the same time...a mating ritual. They fly in a formation and do aerial dances too! Beautiful!
Cold Cranes with Frozen Feet...

OMD! They look so cold...

Sometimes I see these birds with their (big) chicks, they are graceful and they have one or two chicks at a time. The pairs mate for life.

Growlmy thought that with the receding snow levels that Daisy from next door wouldn't be able to get in our yard anymore...wrong...
So she boarded up the access point, and now I can only have 'through the fence' playtime...
I got to have a good bark at their kitty today...WOOFS!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Blue Smiles Along With You!

Blue Smiles Along With YOU!

Some of you might remember this slogan for some good Canadian beer…
But tonight I greeted growlmy  with a big blue smile…OMD!

She went to work as usual, and later pawppy came home…and then much later growlmy got back. I was all barky at something in the backyard , sheesh, its been a long time since I was able to do that, the snow piles are finally receded enough, and lo and behold the grass is showing again!
Of course you all know from my last entry what that means…BOL!
Anyways, my schnooter is BLUE!
And the pawrents have no idea why!
Nothing amiss inside the den, and of course its too dark to inspect the great outdoors…and I am not going to reveal any good secrets…teehee.

I wonder how long it will be fur this mystery to be solved?

And, no I didn’t drink any beer, blue or otherwise...

Growlmy wasn't able to get any pics of my nicely blue colored schnooter...

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Time To Get Out The Sooper-Dooper-Pooper-Scooper

Time to get out the heavy duty pooper scooper.

But first, I am going to show you some pictures...

This is looking  towards the road from our back steps, taken on March 8th.
Pawppy had just finished clearing the path to make the sidewalk neat. That fence is 5 feet high, and you can see that the snow mountains are taller than the fence. Note there are no pawtracks out there in the side yard, I couldn't get to it.
Some other pictures from the same day:
Our den and cars...try pulling out of the driveway when you can't see over the mountains.

Thes are my resident squirrels, finally able to woof at them!

Some views of my yard...note that there are only a few tracks where I *did* try to chase  a real squirrel out of there...
And then we had another dump of that heavy wet snow on March 12th.

The sidewalks have disappeared and so have my squirrels, OMD!

I am feeling lots better, I finished my medicines, and am eating normally again. And my barker is working just fine. Sheesh, when it was quiet, growlmy worried about that, now she wishes it would be quiet…it is hard to please our peeps sometimes, BOL!
I didn’t have the poopy troubles for more than a day, because right away I got to take lots of human grade probiotics, plus some pumpkin. I will keep using those probiotics, they are good fur us pups as well as peeps…to keep the poops good, BOL!

After all the snow we had last week, there has not been anymore. We have had a fair bit of rain and days of sunshine and temps above freezing. So lots of the snow piles are shrinking in height…and OMD, I can see grass here and there. It is still hard to run around in the yard, because what snow cover is left is furry soft and I sink into it. Only time lately I *can* get on it, is early in the morning if the frost has been on it.

And with the melting snows…come other types of piles…um…well, any dog peep will know what I mean, BOL! The other day, growlmy filled up eight bagfuls…wowee!
That was just from the edges of the yard…now when the snows are all gone…YIKES!  I think there may be way more than eight bags full…now growlmy is humming something silly…baa-baa-black sheep…have you any (doo)? Yes sir, yes sir, many bags full!

Growlmy had a time of not being able to bark either…something she referred to as Larry N Gitus. All she said was croak and squeak…not sure which critter she wanted to be; a frog or a mousie! Well she is over that rough part though she still sounds diffurent than usual…

Well, spring is supposed to be sprung out of hiding according to the calendar, I sure hope so!

Here are some pics of me when I was just back from the doggy tooth stealing pawlace:

Pipo came by to sniff me from a safe distance, but he didn't hiss me or smacky paw me for once...
Minko didn't dare get close, he seemed to think I smelled unusual...whatevfur!
At least now he is normal.and Pipo is back to his hissy ways. All's well that ends well.

Now I am waiting fur my tree that is all snowy in that picture to prove to me it is Spring. This is how it looked a couple of years ago: (It is a Weeping Cherry Tree, beside where pawppy is shoveling the sidewalk.)

Night-night to all and to all a good night! Woofs!


Wednesday, March 12, 2014

My Droopy, Loopy, Poopy Toothie Tail

I am a loopy, droopy poopy…well, a pup but poopy none the less…
I had to go to the vet pawlace this morning.That was quite a feat in itself. There was over nine inches of new heavy wet snow to clear away, and then the icy roads to boot. It took growmly forever to get there, she crawled along and took the long way because those roads are better maintained. There had not yet been a plow to clear the roads…
And no one told me why I couldn’t eat any breakfast this morning, I felt so cheated.
No breakfast, a ride in the car and cold weather…and then to get to that vet pawlace…those peeps tried to see my toothies, and I didn’t want to let them BOL! So growlmy opened my mouth and they got to see my broken tooth from a distance…oh MY they said.
Well, then I got to go with them to another room…

Much later I was feeling rather loopy, and now why did my whole mouth hurt when only one toothie was broke?
And then I got to see growlmy. My tail was at half mast, and only a tad of a wag. Droopy.
And I was walking so drunkedly…still loopy!
Oops! They had to take me back, because there was doo-doo on my paw…poopy, remember?

Growlmy emptied her pockets for the lady at the desk and after the ransom was paid, I was allowed to leave with her…but first I had to leave my opinion on the snow banks there…a p-mail…and then another poopy…yup, still poopy.

I got lifted into the van and we drove home…the roads were a lot better, because the plow had done some work.
At home, pawppy was outside with his shovel…still clearing away the huge dump. Growlmy had been assisting, and between them they likely shoveled for about 8 hours. OMD…
And so I did a welcome back p-mail on the newly extended heightened snow mountain base and yup…another poopy!

Then I sat and watched the snow cleaning operations. And trembled and shook, and went to snoopervise and decided to go back inside and on and on like that. When growlmy came inside, she had to pick me up and put me in my nest…I was still so furry loopy.

After a while she tried to help me eat…nah…not now growlmy…but later I licked a wee bit. And she gave me a pain medicine…which helped to make me more loopy. And an antibiotic, which naturally will help to make sure I still will be poopy. Right now I am feeling droopy, not kitty watching, nor did I go and beg fur salad items as I like to to at dinner time.
I have not barked at all since coming back! Wow! Growlmy actually wishes I would though.

The vet lady said she took out the offending tooth, and found a few more that had some degree of breakage on them, OMD! I must have been gnawing on rocks! Well, no, I do not do that as far as growlmy knows. Who knows? Its my secret…
Vet peeps also polished all my teeth…so now I am all sparkly, even though I feel loopy and droopy…

They also said my creatine level was elevated, (BUN was normal), so I need to go back there for a recheck in a couple of weeks…sheesh in September all was just fine with that.
I guess I will need to watch what I am eating to prevent a fast progression of this kidney trouble, They say its because I am an old man pup now…

Well, I need to do some sleeping off of these drugs...

Friday, March 7, 2014

I Am In Trouble :(

Usually I have fun things to bark about...

Well, now this time its about a trouble…

I get my teeth brushed evfurry night befur I go to my nest. I am almost 12, and have not evfur needed my teeth cleaned at the vet joint. Hooray!
The vet always says she can tell my teeth are cleaned at home, and they look good.

Well, now the other night, growlmy noticed I was flinching when she brushed on the one side. I nevfur do that. Then she saw blood on the brush.What? OMD.
That was strange indeed. Growlmy stopped and let me go, she thought maybe she had been ovfurly vigorous. The next evening, same thing…So she took a good look in my mouth…and OMD, there was a tooth that appeared to be cracked. How on earth did I do that?
Well at least the mystery was solved. And this morning she found that loose piece on the floor…and then I heard her talking on her communication device…and making an appointment with the vet lady…YIKES!

Growlmy thinks that tooth will have to come out, it is shattered, painful to touch, and an open invitation fur infection…and other awful things…

Could you all keep me in your thoughts, on March 12th…

I will let you know what happens in an update after that. Meanwhile I don’t seem to have trouble eating or woofing…like at the furnace man who had to pay us a maintenance visit…and I still am going outside to see if I can convince Miss Daisy to come and play…but she declined today. Oh well, at least it was nice and sunny again…three days in a row, we are breaking records here, BOL!


Thursday, March 6, 2014

Frolicking In My Yard

Yup, I did…snow cover didn’t stop me either…
Well, I was barking my head off, and so growlmy said…go outside and bark there.
And Miss Daisy was there! OMD…Little pup that she is, she doesn’t fall into the deep snows like I do…and she walked over here, presumably to sniff my yard along the fence…but because she was higher than the barricade at the gate…she squeezed right through it! And so I saw her, making tracks all over what was still my pristine yard.
Well, now!

Off I ran as fast as I could in that deep snow, and what a funny looking set of tracks I left.
II had to play/ romp/ frolick with her. We played chase me all around the yard, and catch me if you can, and of course there was a barkfest going on too.

It was fun, but then I had to come inside to rest my old doggy bones fur a while. She didn’t come back…and growlmy hopes she doesn’t make a habit of this…

You know what?!?
We have had two days in a row of sunshine! OMD! And today it was about 30F. Balmy by comparison the other arctic temps we had a while back.

Well, that’s about if fur now.
Growlmy had to go to work, and she said it was a really insane time there of insufficient staff, due to abrupt quitting of some…and illness of others…and new admissions. PHEW! She is glad she is off tomorrow again. Maybe things will be calmer over the weekend.
She also got to say goodbye to a resident who finished enough rehab to go home! She was bedridden and now can do some walking…hooray!

Well, nighty-night to all and to all good woofs!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Its Topsy-Turvey, I say!

Hmmm….. Is the calendar correct? It is March 4, and Spring is March 21. What? That seems rather topsy-turvey to me. We have about 3 feet of snow on the ground (or more maybe…), snow walls around 5 feet high along the walks, and snow mountains about 7 feet high at the end of our driveway. Walks as I know them haven’t happened in like forever because of all the sidewalks being covered, and walking along the side of the highway is just too dangerous when there is no way to get out of the way…usually on the highway sidewalk less part of my stroll through our village, I can walk in the grassy area of the shoulder, but there is no way to do anything like that now…And the back lane where there is hardly any traffic at all, is too icy…sigh…and I can’t even run in my own yard since the snow is so deep I fall into it. Even though growlmy has cleared my some pathways off from the sidewalk, when I walk on the snow there, I loose my footing and sink in…though one day those rascally squirrel dudes taunted me so much I did try to…but those naughty varmints just laughed at me and got away up into their tree and in my wood pile, GRRR!

We were told by the weatherman dude that more snow was possible today, but hooray it didn’t happen!
Something else that didn’t happen was…Dogster did not die yesterday! OMD! Lovely it is, to be able to be there and woof as usual with my furends…and blogging is fun too…but now growlmy says she has even more to do, BOL!

Unfurbro is home this week, and he is on spring break, BOL! Spring indeed…He is a senior at college, and is job seeking…in structural engineering, OMD!
He also got accepted into Grad School at his college, (University of Michigan), congrats to him!
But Boss-boy didn’t come with him cause he no longer goes to school, and he is working. I do get to see him a couple of times a month when he comes for dinner…weather permitting…sheesh we had to all stay put around here several times this long cold winter!

Now March is green month, but of course right now its still Christmas on my Dogster page, BOL! I would go to a blank Dogster page, but then all the other stuff in my biofields would go poof, so I will just enjoy the Christmas!

Today  is Mardi Gras, and mostly we do not do much fur that...but growlmy did make pancakes...YUM! Did I get any...nope:(
Too much butter in the batter she said...and I got no bacon either...sigh...
I did get me some crunchies from the salad fixings, well I love those and at least I always get some in my dish.

Growlmy gave me a strawberry, too, but I gave it a taste and spat it out, BOL!

And Pipo was in a bad mood, he smacky pawed me so much...good grief, its a good thing I do not give him a chomp or two...GRRR!

Well, I need to go and do some barking at the snowmobiles out there, in my field across the street…and then its nighty-night fur all of us here.