Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Valentine's Day

I want to take the time a wee bit early to wish all my furends a Happy Valentine's Day!

Wow! This was easy to load the image in here, BOL! Should have done it a lot sooner...
Some pups were showing pics of when they were wee is one of me:
Then I did a lot of eating:
And soon I got larger...
My schnooter is actually how I got my name, Freckles, though now the nose is all black, and the freckles are all over my skin, BOL!
OK, growlmy said since the clock says midnight here it is time fur nighty-nights!
And make sure you all have a great Valentine's Day...Growlmy has to work, sigh...


  1. You were a cutie, Freckles! That's amazing about your nosey!

  2. Oh, dat schnooter is just too cute! Isn't putting pics in an entry easier ovfur here?

    Happy Valentine's Day to you, furiend!

  3. OMD, what a cutie pie pup you was! You's still a cutie!

  4. Crikey MJF, Sir! You were far too cute and that schnooter was something else. Glad you finally got to put pictures in. We did it on the same day, aye? This computer business isn't so hard after all. You're still VERY good looking now you are all growed too!!!!!!

  5. Yur lil freckled nose! Who woulda thunk it would go all black. Yu were one cute pupper. Now yu are one hansum dood.

    Happy V Day to yu too.

  6. Oh my dogness, Freckles! You were just the cutest puppy ever, and you are still incredibly handsome! Have a pawsome Valentine's day!

  7. Hi pals!
    Thanks fur the com-pup-lements!

    Growlmy figured out that my schnooter would go all black, but she had no idea that my skin would get all black splotches over it...they really show up on my 'naked' belly, BOL!


  8. Crikey ... I'm showing up in the grey ... no picture for me .... hmmmmmmmph! ......anyone got any idea what My Secretary has done wrong this time? All help will be greatly appreciated .....

    1. Sorry Charlie...don't know...maybe Whitley or Finley can be of better help?