Friday, February 21, 2014

Stuff From Dogster and Stuff About Doggy Doo!

After you read about my Dogster doings...well I found some fun stuff...

Well, she almost missed it, BOL! Silly dogretary.
I am a DDP and she didn't pay it any attention till the day is almost done, Sheesh!
She *did* do kitty stuff...but doggy stuff? Not yet. Something about chores...
Well, at least she didn't have to go to work today, BOL!
Thanks for the messages and gifts! You pups are so faithfur and such great pals!

Yesterday the day started out guessed it...more snow. UGH! YUCK! I am done with snow thank you furry much, but the snow machine didn't hear me.
Then it began to pour, and pour and it thundered and lightninged too, Wow!
And today the temps have gone way below freezing and the wind is rough and wild. It blew down a bunch of small branches so that the yard's snow cover looks like it has sprinkles all over it, BOL! It even blew off growlmy's permanently affixed tree trunk butterfly...Hmmm I guess it wasn't so permanent afterall. It broke in half. Shucks, she really liked it, it was a present from my Auntie, and it came from Europe...oh well, now the garden stores around here can sell her another newer one, BOL!

Well, pawppy just got in, from a late now I shall run off to woof & lick him...

This is the neato picture all ready to bring in the Spring, that Cooper and his furmily sent to me...there are even butterflies to replace my broken one!

And now that it is late I am woofing again.

A while back I woofed about those funny boxes in the Netherlands that peeps can use to ...well, put the doo-doo pick-up bags here is a picture of that urban necessity. Well I think growlmy would find them usefur out in the countryside too...They sure are bright! Can't miss them!

Here is a picture of the mailboxes...
Um...see what I mean about you gotta pay attention?? BOL!

I think this version seen in a different city would be easier to not make the mixup mistake:
 Hey, that dude looks kind of like me!

Anyways if you walk in big cities over there, you might see things like this:

This one says:
Dog in the Gutter - Thank You

Um, why we gotta be in the gutter, growlmy don't they like doggies?
Then there is this kind:

This one means...don't (***) on the sidewalk.


Well, that's enough silliness fur now!
I still think the visual signs we see here in yards and parks do the trick just as well...



  1. BOL, we is laffin over da last one!! Congrats on da DDP too!

  2. Hmmmm.... do dose doggies ovfur dere read? Or is dose signs for da peeps???

  3. Especially dat don't poop on da sidewalk on... didn't specify doggies...

  4. Tee-Hee!
    I know right...doggies reading...and who *does* doo on kidding, there is a lot of 'look out' when you walk there, peeps have lots of dogs, and some are rather slovenly and don't care...well, not until they step in the doo-doo...
    Its not too bad in suburbs or country side, but in the cities, OMD!
    Peeps take their dogs all over, even in stores. Kind of yucky in a way...

  5. Hmm, I nefur seed one ov those signs or boxes. How is a pup 'sposed to poop in the box? Sum of the slots are skinny.

    1. And: I think them boxes are too high fur most pups to even get close to the depositing slot..let alone 'make it'.
      Bad design, right?

    2. Bad design is right. I jus' figgured the peepoles wud haveta hold the doggie up there to the slot.
      But it jus' don't make no sense to me.

    3. we gonna get held to do...when we need to be tripods to go?
      This would be good material fur a scienterrieriffic study...

  6. Never seen one of those boxes before. Momma has a friend who was walking her dog, picked up the deposit and absent mindedly dropped into a Canada Post mailbox. She was horrified when she realized she did this. Mom just laughed because she works for Canada Post! Those postal people have weird senses of humor!

  7. That sure is some funny, errr, stuff there JackFreckles!