Monday, January 27, 2014

My First Blogging Barks and Woofs!

Whoo-Hoo! Yes! I got my furry own real blog...just for me!
Thanks to the smart pup Finley, a great pal and full of good suggestions and always willing to help. Us terriers are smart, but sometimes the dogretaries they use need some support, BOL!
OK, now I hope my furry furneds can find me to woof here! And now I gotta go and sleep, the pawrents have to get up early to dig themselves out from under drifts and dumps of snow...hey, I should help them, I am a digger dog, too, right?! BOL!
Woofs to all and to all a good night!


  1. Hi Freckles! Glad to see you gotsa blog!

  2. Yay!! You did it!! We will tell you how to change your user name to something like Freckles and WeBees Siamese or sumthin... email us tomorrow!

  3. Hi, Whitley & Finley!
    Yikes, its cold here...-13F...And growlmy has to go and do errands, YIKES!

  4. Hi MJF!!! I'm following you now!

  5. Mr JackFreckles Sir ... I've found you ... AND I'm following you!!! I think I've managed to do a blog thingoe too. My name is if you would like to check it out. My poor Mum's head is hurting pretty bad now from all this stress but she is now reading all the blogs to me and her head is getting a bit better. She loves all you blokes and I do too.

    1. Hi Charlie! Great to see & woof with you here!
      I woofed in your bloggy too.

    2. Crikey ... I saw your woof in my bloggy thing, MrJackFreckles Sir .... How good is that? I think Mum's head will stop hurting now that she knows I'm not going to lose all my mates and all the kitty's are here too. We didn't woof with kitty's before!!!!!!!

    3. Yes, it was smooth going, because she did it pawrfectly!
      Woofing with kitties is kind of fun you know, I have had to do it all my doggy life...them dudes here think they take precedence, cause they were here furst, well not the WeBees but kitties have been in our den since 1988...and I wasn't invented then yet...BOL!

      Tell your Mum to give herself a pat on the back, and a good drink of something strong to relax with...mine just got back from a furry stressful shift at the nursing home, and she needed one too...she plopped down in a chair and pawppy 'served her'.
      Now we need to get ready fur night-night land..its past midnight here.