Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More Snow??

Yikes! The forecast calls for more snow, OMD! There is no room on the tops of the snow mountains, and pawppy & growlmy can hardly throw their shovel loads any higher. Though the sun was out most of the day it didn't warm up enough to even remotely pretend to lower the snow levels...
The plows are still working hard to rid the roads of all the remains, but since the temps didn't get much above the 10's, salt won't there is still lots of ice.
The snow mountains are hard to see above and around when pulling out of the the peeps inch out furry slowly and cautiously.Today, growlmy had to go on an errand, and she didn't see the plow coming down the road, because it was making such a snow cloud...well, just as she was about to start down the driveway...whoosh, there goes the plow! She just missed being whumped by a load of flying snow...well, more like ice as it was the packed stuff from the road. YIKES! PHEW! Close call!
The weatherman dude also says that winter is staying with us for many weeks, yet...sigh...I want my grass back!

Thanks to Finley's Mom for helping me learn how to change some things in/on this blog :))

Nighty-night woofs to all!

Monday, January 27, 2014

My First Blogging Barks and Woofs!

Whoo-Hoo! Yes! I got my furry own real blog...just for me!
Thanks to the smart pup Finley, a great pal and full of good suggestions and always willing to help. Us terriers are smart, but sometimes the dogretaries they use need some support, BOL!
OK, now I hope my furry furneds can find me to woof here! And now I gotta go and sleep, the pawrents have to get up early to dig themselves out from under drifts and dumps of snow...hey, I should help them, I am a digger dog, too, right?! BOL!
Woofs to all and to all a good night!